If you remember the Addams family, you will also remember Morticia: The ultimate dark lady. If you think harder, what can you tell me about her sister? Her name is Ophelia and unlike Morticia, she is a bubbly and eccentric woman.


If you are tired of the usual total black look and you feel like shifting to a more lively style, dressing in a joyful, original and refined way, Ofelia is what you are looking for. You don’t need a special occasion to feel unique, every day can be the right time to feel special.

Nicole Castelli is the brand designer, the concept of handmade clothing that are not produced in series… Every piece is absolutely unique, with an identity on his own which offers a great opportunity for those who choose to wear Ofelia unique brand, made to be worn by any daring women to satisfy everyday occasion. Trousers, skirts, tops and clothes with no set sizes, made to be worn by different women to satisfy every necessity, without forgetting the WOW effect: Ofelia’s business card.

(Text by Enrica Alessi)